Where did it all begin you may wonder…. Some may say when Daniel was a kid learning how to primer, or work a hammer and dolly…but Daniel will tell you it was way before that!

In the mid 1970’s Daniel’s grandfather opened up a body shop in downtown San Antonio, TX where his grandfather worked to support his family, where his dad grew up learning to paint cars, and eventually run the shop, Daniel was born into a family of automotive enthusiasts!

What became known to Daniel as the family body shop in downtown San Antonio quickly evolved into the school where he would grow up buying wrecked cars to fix them, learning to primer and paint, and eventually buying and fixing cars to earn a living…even into his high school and college years. Daniel pursued other adventures in real estate, new construction, and the oil field, but his roots kept him planted in the automotive industry and he knew he would never get out of it.

In the fall of 2020, Daniel and his wife Melissa decided to go head on with the hot rod industry and open D-Built Hot Rods. Today, they operate in a mom & pop style shop with a small team and a whole lot of determination. D-Built may be young in age, but the roots have been planted for decades! D-Built will persevere and become an award-winning shop that values integrity and honesty, it’s just a matter of time!

We proudly focus our growth on American made muscle cars trucks from the mid 50’s to the late 80’s. Throughout the year you can find members of the D-built team at local car shows around Texas, and Daniel and Melissa are planning to grow into more events throughout the country over the coming years. If you see anyone with a D-Built shirt stop and say Hi! If you have any questions, or know you are ready to build your next dream machine, just ask how we can help!